Cloud ServicesMicrosoft Office 365 Support

Level 1 and Level 2 IT Support

Cloud ServicesMicrosoft Office 365 Support Level 1 and Level 2 IT Support

Level 1 Support for Microsoft Office 365 applications is your first line of defence against common issues and user queries. Level 2 Support is the advanced tier of technical assistance, ready to tackle complex issues in your Office 365 applications.


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Level 1 Microsoft Office365 Support

Pink Elephant will address all your basic Office 365 needs, providing assistance in five key areas with our L1 Support: 

 User Account Management: From onboarding new users, resetting passwords, to managing account provisioning and deprovisioning, we ensure your user accounts are up and running. 

Application Configuration: Navigating the initial setup of your Office 365 applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is a breeze with our expert guidance. 

Troubleshooting: Whether it’s resolving basic application glitches, connectivity issues, or error messages, we’re here to help. And if things get complicated? We’ll escalate the issue to higher support levels. 

User Training: We provide essential walkthroughs on how to use specific features within Office 365 applications, from document creation to email account management. 

Basic Administration Tasks: These will include setting up distribution lists, managing mailbox permissions, and configuring email rules. 

Should an issue require more specialised expertise, it will be escalated to our L2 support level .

Level 2 Microsoft Office365 Support

Level 2 Support is the advanced tier of technical assistance, ready to tackle complex issues in your Office 365 applications. L2 has a deeper understanding of the Office 365 applications and is capable of handling more complex issues that may require in-depth troubleshooting and analysis 

Advanced Troubleshooting: Resolving complex issues related to application performance, compatibility, or integration with other systems. L2 support personnel often have access to additional diagnostic tools and resources to identify and resolve these issues. 

Configuration and customisation: Assisting with advanced configuration of Office 365 applications, including customising settings, integrating with third-party applications, and implementing advanced features and functionalities. 

Application maintenance and updates: Performing maintenance tasks such as applying patches, updates, and hotfixes to ensure the smooth operation of Office 365 applications. 

Incident and problem management: Handling more challenging incidents and problems, analysing root causes, and implementing long-term solutions to prevent similar issues from recurring. 

Documentation and knowledge management: Creating and maintaining documentation, knowledge base articles, and troubleshooting guides to support L1 support personnel and end-users.

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