Pink Elephant and FireScope

Pink Elephant and FireScope

FireScope and Pink Elephant to bring Service Intelligence to improve IT Service Management Across Europe

Leading IT Service Management firm Pink Elephant announced a new strategic partnership with FireScope using its application behavior intelligence and persistent discovery and dependency mapping of assets to ensure successful cloud migrations and improve service delivery. By marrying Pink’s long history of world-class ITIL certification, training and consulting services and FireScope’s asset management and service discovery and dependency mapping, this partnership aims to help reduce cloud migration complexity, overall fixed investment and accelerate revenue.

Pink was selected as an authorised reseller of FireScope’s Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM) and Service Performance Manager (SPM) solutions, which enable customers to achieve greater visibility, intelligence, management and control of their physical and cloud-based assets. This partnership will offer educational resources such as assessments, workshops and trainings.

“We are very pleased to form a partnership with FireScope across the EMEA region, as it will bring immediate value to our customers by providing them complete visibility into assets, both known and unknown, on their network,” said Pink Elephant EMEA’s Regional Director, Gijs-Jan Huisman. “Understanding service dependencies helps IT teams be more proactive and strategic by enabling them to stay ahead of potential issues, plan for change, and more effectively deliver services that the business relies on. Our customers can expect to see benefits in the areas of Change Management, Configuration Management, Service Performance Management, and Asset Management.”

“FireScope is proud to partner with Pink Elephant, a proven global leader in service and asset management, to help companies throughout their asset management journey,” said Steven Cotton, FireScope’s CEO “This partnership is going to be a gamechanger for users in the industry who are looking to gain visibility into their network. We look forward to expanding this partnership, which provides FireScope a much greater reach into the EMEA region.”

More than 30 years ago, Pink Elephant was one of the first companies to introduce clients to a revolutionary set of IT best practices and guidelines. Pink gained a wealth of experience in designing and implementing processes and tools to make ITIL a global success. Today, Pink has expanded to offer a wide range of robust professional IT services, education, and consulting services throughout the EMEA region.

About Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant was founded in 1980 by a group of university students in The Netherlands. Forty years on, Pink is a global thought leader in the IT Service Management industry operating in more than 10 countries. With a range of advisory and IT services, Pink Elephant draws the best out of its clients by translating employee knowledge and creativity into tangible results. Pink Elephant assists organisations across the globe to create a synergy between business and IT with a wide variety of training, consulting, IT support, and technology services.


About FireScope

FireScope is an innovative SaaS-based security, discovery, dependency mapping and performance monitoring software solution provider. It helps companies identify all of their technology assets and their inter-dependencies and then maximises the business value of those assets.

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