Why ITSM is like Baking a Chocolate Cake

Why ITSM is like Baking a Chocolate Cake

On National Chocolate Cake day, we discover the connection between the sweet treat and ITSM.

It’s Saturday 27th January, and the Pink Elephant team are delighting in the excuse to wolf down slices of chocolate sponge – after all, it’s National Chocolate Cake day in the UK. As we eye the last remaining crumbs it strikes us that, while Forrest Gump believes “life is like a box of chocolates”, ITSM is, in fact, like a cake of chocolate. Read on below to find out more.

Synthesis and integration

Just like a chocolate cake is made from individual ingredients (flour, cocoa, sugar, eggs, etc.) that, when combined correctly, create a delightful dessert, ITSM integrates various components of IT services – like hardware, software, processes, and people – to create a cohesive and efficient system. The process of baking a cake mirrors the process of developing and managing IT services: careful measurement, understanding interactions between ingredients, and precise execution lead to success.

Systems thinking

Both a chocolate cake and ITSM are examples of systems thinking – understanding how parts interconnect and affect the whole. In baking, altering one ingredient can change the entire outcome, just as in ITSM, where modifying one part of the service can impact the entire service delivery. This perspective teaches us the importance of considering the holistic view, understanding interdependencies, and anticipating the consequences of changes within a system.

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Continuous improvement and perfection

The pursuit of the perfect chocolate cake is a journey of refinement and improvement, akin to the ITSM philosophy of continuous improvement (like the Kanban approach). ITSM involves constantly evaluating and improving IT services to achieve better efficiency, just as a baker might tweak recipes for better texture or flavour.

Satisfaction and value creation

Finally, at the heart of both is the goal of creating value and satisfaction – a delicious cake brings joy and satisfaction to those who consume it, much like well-managed IT services enhance user satisfaction and add value to an organisation.

In summary, philosophically connecting IT Service Management to chocolate cake involves recognising the importance of integration, systems thinking, continuous improvement, and the ultimate goal of delivering satisfaction and value, whether it’s in the realm of culinary arts or the efficient management of IT services.

Now, we think all this philosophising deserves another slice. Bon appetit!

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