ITSM Resources

ITSM Resources

Pink Elephant’s Resource as a Service (RaaS) supplies subject matter experts across the ITSM discipline, COBIT, ISO20000, Project and Programme Management. These resources can be utilised across a number of areas from operational roles covering maternity leave or temporary peaks in demand, through to project definition, delivery and management.


What is Resource as a Service?

Pink Elephant’s Resource as a Service model is an innovative alternative to traditional non-permanent resourcing which reactively matches individual skills to a role requirement for a given period of time. This traditional approach often leaves gaps in teams whilst recruitment takes place and also presents a potential risk where individuals are of unknown quality.

RaaS resolves these issues by providing known individuals from Pink Elephant’s internal and associate resource pools, ensuring requests can be met more effectively in a shorter space of time. This innovative model delivers a number of key benefits, outlined below.

What are the benefits?

  • Superior Knowledge and Support is guaranteed as resources have access to the Pink Elephant knowledge base, which has been built up and refined since 1987
  • Established Resource Pool mitigates the risk associated with hiring independent contractors from recruitment agencies as you will be working with internationally recognised experts
  • Shared Induction reduces the time it takes for resources to become fully effective where Pink can induct individuals on the clients behalf
  • Predefined Roles reduces the overhead associated with requesting resources by agreeing role types and descriptions up front
  • Workforce Flexibility allows the client to tune the organisational capacity in an agile way as there is no minimum contract term
  • Central Management provides one mechanism for the management of non-permanent resources, undertaken by a dedicated resource manager
  • Agreed SLAs give clients the ability to plan resourcing in advance whilst ensuring resources are provided within the necessary timescales
  • Warranty Period ensures all roles are fulfilled successfully by providing support to resources in the initial weeks of placement

Focus Options

In addition to these benefits, Pink Elephant can draw on its experience to offer specific focus areas to any RaaS engagement. These focus areas are namely: Contractor Reduction, providing advice for reducing and consolidating contractor workload to reduce headcount, and;

Service Improvement, defining opportunities and justification for service improvement within a given scope.

The Engagement Model

There are 3 core stages in the RaaS client engagement model which are necessary to ensure maximum client benefit.

1. Agree Model – this stage consists of agreeing the parameters for the service including the roles and their associated description/skill requirements. It also sets out the request and induction process which will be facilitated by Pink Elephant.

2. Agree SLAs – this stage agrees the levels of service required by the client. This will include targets for request fulfilment and will detail client responsibilities. At this stage the RaaS Service Catalogue will be established enabling efficient request of resources.

3. Ongoing Resource Management – this stage consists of the ongoing resource operation, where there will be a dedicated resource manager aligned to each client. Quarterly service reviews take place to track and manage the overall service delivery.

Typical Roles

Below are the typical roles that are provided by Pink Elephant’s RaaS model.

  • Head of Service Management
  • Service Delivery Director
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Service Desk Manager
  • Operational Expert (e.g Change Manager)
  • Service Architect
  • ITIL Process Consultant
  • Service Desk Analyst/Support Analyst
  • ISO20000 Consultant
  • COBIT Consultant
  • ITSM Toolset Architect
  • ITSM Toolset Consultant
  • Programme Director
  • Programme Manager
  • Project Manager

For further information on our IT Service Management solutions and how Resource as a Service could benefit your organisation, please contact us.

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