DevOps Simulation

DevOps Simulation to be held on Monday 20th November 2017, starting at 10:45am. This Simulation is a great opportunity to explore the benefits and challenges of adopting a DevOps approach, and at the same time identifies pragmatic steps for making it work for your organisation while also having fun.

How It Works

Our one-day event presents a fantastic opportunity for attendees to network with peers and share experiences & best practices. The Simulation experience is a role based workshop, focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle. The simulation is highly realistic, and leverages game dynamics to empower cross-functional teams with a shared vision of successful DevOps practices.

Participants from a variety of disciplines (Business, Development, Test, QA and Operations) are immersed into a simulated environment whereby they are challenged to release new products whilst internal and external forces continually change. This realistic approach delivers a level of tension and excitement that creates an ‘A-HA!’ moment

Key Benefits

  • Accelerates & enables adoption of DevOps across your enterprise
  • Turns DevOps opponents into advocates
  • Clearly communicates the DevOps case for change Accelerates a positive DevOps culture
  • Creates shared understanding for Development and Operations around how to work together as a high performing cross-functional team
  • Provides new practices that can be executed with immediate effect in your organisation.



Participants are quickly immersed into a real life complex application development scenario. Chaos ensues, with poor communication and a lack of collaboration resulting in poor business results, higher development costs, longer testing times and more. As a result, opportunities are lost and revenues are negatively impacted.

Following the first round, a review is facilitated to identify the issues and to discuss how a DevOps approach could drive improvement.


Round 2 builds upon the learning outcomes from the previous round and introduces processes such as Service Virtualisation, Minimum Viable Product iterations, Fail Faster and more. This drives maturity and empowers the teams towards automation, building a more collaborative culture, and ultimately improved business results.


Building on the learning outcomes of Round 1 and 2, participants learn that instilling a DevOps culture is key to achieving operational excellence. Participants experience a pronounced shift in the reduction of development times and the number of errors each application had before reaching operations. Through collaboration, streamlining, automation and repeatable practices, participants realise improved ROI and optimised business results.



£195 (+VAT) including lunch
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Reading, United Kingdom


Book Online or email Devon Hooper at or We look forward to welcoming you on Monday 20th November 2017!